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Best Free WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

Best Free Wordpress Image Optimization Plugins

Introduction to Best Free WordPress Image Optomization Plugins

What are the best free wordpress image optimization plugins available in the market? To begin with, WordPress is one of the most powerful and easy to use content management system software and widely used by bloggers worldwide. Not only is the cms alone that’s powerful, the plugins available for this cms makes it even better. One category of the numerous plugins is WordPress Image Optimization Plugin. There are both free and premium ones. But today, we will focus on the best free image optimization plugins available for bloggers.

Best Free WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

1. EWWW Image Optimizer

Based on personal experience, I find this plugin the easiest to use and also very effective. Download the plugin, activate and complete the set up process. The EWWW Image Optimizer automatically optimize any images you upload to your site (be it in JPG, PNG, or GIF files). You will also be able to bulk optimize your entire media uploads, in case you already have lots of images on your site.

In short, very useful plugin and image optimization is very important when it comes to optimizing your webpage to improve load time. This perhaps tops the list of the best free wordpress image optimization plugins. The free version does all the work.

2. Kraken Image Optimizer

The Kraken Image Optimizer wordpress plugin lets you optimize PNG, JPG, and GIF files through its own API. First, sign up for a free account at Then download the plugin, activate it with your own API and secret keys (which can be used across multiple WordPress installations, if you like to).

The Kraken Image Optimizer plugin also has a useful option to maintain a maximum resolution for your images. This saves the time required to manually resize them as you upload. EXIF metadata can also be preserved, as the plugin lets you choose which attributes to keep. Another feature is that you can also set limit on the number of images to be optimized during a bulk process.

3. ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Another useful and featuring among the best free wordpress image optimization plugins is the ShortPixel Image Optimizer. The plugin works well with compression and also features a cool interface. Install and activate the plugin, it will automatically optimize every JPG, PNG, and GIF you upload. On the downside, this plugin has no option to turn off the optimization, which most others plugins has.

Bulk optimization is another great feature of this plugin. ShortPixel also enables you to choose between lossy and lossless compression methods, using the former by default. It optimizes the image thumbnails created by WordPress during the upload process. You will also need to sign up for free first, and then get your API to install and activate this plugin.

4. WP Smush

Another popular name that features among the best free wordpress image optimization plugins is the WP Smush plugin. It is available in both free and premium versions. As with any other image optimization plugins, any images you upload to your WordPress site will be automatically optimized with WP Smush. Smush may be read as Optimize for the purpose of this article.

Bulk as well as individual image optimization is a feature of this plugin. The limitation you will find with the free version is that it applies to bulk optimization of only 50 images at a time.

5. Optimus

Optimus wordpress plugin is another good choice for wordpress image optimization. The free version of this plugin, however, will limit you to 100kb sized images. The plugin features a simple settings menu, which makes it a good choice if you’re looking for sheer performance. So it finds a place among the best free wordpress image optimization plugins.

As expected, Optimus optimize images as they’re uploaded, but it won’t detail the compression data on the Attachment Details window of each file, or in the menu. So that means you’ll have to manually compare file sizes in order to notice any difference.

This plugin also optimize the multiple sized images that WordPress automatically creates for your uploads(thumbnail, small, medium, and large).

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