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Best places to buy and sell websites

Buy and Sell Websites

I have had my share of experience building, buying and selling websites online. This started during my college days when I found my hidden interest to create, buy and sell websites. As the topic says, we will not talk about creating websites, but rather keep our focus on buying and selling websites.

So you’ve got a website and you are looking to sell it. First off, why do you want to buy or sell your website? Yeah, it could be because you just need cash, you no longer had the time or interest to keep and maintain it or maybe you are just looking to flip your recent purchase for a profit. Whatever may be your reason, it’s alright and in fact a good thing to sell it after all.

Best Places to Buy and Sell Websites

I will share the three best places to buy and sell websites today, based on my experience so that they will be personal and you are assured that I am not just copy pasting or spinning somebody’s information to add content to my blog. So what are the best places to buy and sell websites?

Flippa Marketplace

Flippa is one of the leading marketplace to buy and sell websites, domains and apps. I have been active here for quite some time now and the experience is so far so good. If you visit their website, you will find the sales statistics on the bottom of the homepage and that should give you an indication of its popularity in the niche. Flippa is a great place to start with because there are many (and many) other interested buyers for your website. You can buy upgrades to reach even more potential buyers, apart from setting the start and end time, writing custom description for your sales pitch, URL capitalisation, adding screenshots and verify analytics and adsense stats. Below are the fees charged by flippa.

buy and sell websites

One great advantage is that you can use the free flippa escrow service for successful sales.

 DigitalPoint Marketplace

This forum is well known among all bloggers, domainers and internet marketers. I have been a member for the past 5+ years here as well. The good thing about digitalpoint is that you can list your website for free. There are no listing or success fees like flippa. You can set a buy it now (fixed price) or list it as an auction with initial bid, bid increment, buy it now price and also verify analytics and adsense stats just like flippa. Once listed, you will find your listing live in about 5-10 minutes on the website marketplace among the recent ones. Negotiate with interested parties via the listing comments or via private message.


Namepros is another place to buy and sell websites. Although it’s basically a forum of domainers, there is a forum to put up your website for sale. It is recommended that you put up a proper listing inclusing URL in the title or in the post, traffic and revenue stats alogn with proof such as screenshots or video walkthrough, expected price etc. Similar to digitalpoint, discuss with interested parties via comments section below or via private message.

The above two forums have free listing and there is no success fee as such. But in my personal experience, flippa is a much better platform although it’s not a free marketplace (that is listing fees, success fees are there). But one should keep in mind that flippa has no tolerance on users violating their TOS. Your account will get suspended and eventually banned if you could not resolve the issue.

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