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Exe to Apk Converter – How To

exe to apk converter

We are here with the all new Exe to Apk Converter. This application can convert all the EXE files in to Apk files within seconds. There is a big problem in android that only Apk files can run. Androids are not compatible of running the EXE files and applications. This means you cannot enjoy all the fun of EXE files, but this problem is solved by the EXE to APK converter. The Exe to Apk converter will help the android user to use EXE files on the devices with Apk installation.

Installation Steps:

All you need are Change My Software: Exe to APK Converter Tool, your precious 10 minutes and Exe files.
You can download the Converter from the link.

  • Download the tool, now open the download location and open the file.
    A window will be open in front of you. Select the second option which says I have portable application (meaning your EXE file) and click next.

exe to apk converter

  • Now on the new window, select the Exe file you want to convert in to the Apk. This step will take some time accordingly to the size of EXE file. After the uploading of EXE file is finished. You will see a convert button. Click on it and wait for converting.

exe to apk converter

  • The conversion process is started. This will take time a bit. Don’t worry about the time. It depends on the size of file.

exe to apk converter

  • After the you convert from EXE file to APK file, it is ready to be installed on your android device without any bug or trouble. Transfer the file in to your android smart phone or tablet and install with basic steps.

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