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Fix Err Network Changed Error On Windows 10

Err Network Changed

Google Chrome users and Broadband users mostly face different kind of errors in their windows while they are browsing. Today here we will talk about “Err Network Changed” error on yofur Google Chrome browser in window 7/8/8.1/9. When you are using chrome browser and can’t reach on your desire website, and you are seeing this error ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED again and again. Then it means there is something problem in your broadband connection or DNS setting. So don’t need to worry about it here we will help you to fix an error from your window, as we help you about  different error in our previous articles. Check also these articles to fix errors solutions from your window. See also: How to Fix Windows Could not Automatically Detect Network’s Proxy Settings

What is ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED ?Err Network Changed

Err Network Changed is a kind of error which appear in Google Chrome while browsing.Because of this error you can do web browsing or can not open any web page. Err Network Changed mostly appear because of network configuration or may be cause of bug in Google Chrome. This error is not such as tough to solved because today here we will guide you to how to solve “Err Network Changed” error?

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For solving this problem you may need to follow different methods. Here we will give you all methods to help you to solve ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED error. Try all methods one by one.

Method 1:

For fixing the error “Err Network Changed” you have to flush the DNS cache. For applying this method follow the instruction below.

  • First you need to Click on “Start” menu, then write in a search bar “cmd”.ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED
  • Now you will see “cmd.exe” on the top of the menu.
  • Just right Click on “cmd.exe” and again click on “Run as Administrator” .ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED
  • Now you will see a command prompt window on your screen. Just type in command prompt window ipconfig/flushdns and click Enter.ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED
  • This method will flush your DNS cache.

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Method 2:

If above method doesn’t work then you to do LAN Setting. For doing this follow instruction below.

  • Just Click on the “Start” menu from task bar. And then Click on Control Panel.Err Network Changed
  • After opening Control Panel just click on “Internet Options“.Err Network Changed
  • Now Click on the Connections on the top then Click on “Lan Setting” below.
  • There a small window will appear, just unmarked the box that says “Automatically Detect Settings” and Click Ok.Err Network Changed
  • Now go to the Chrome Browser and check a web page which you want to open. If it’s work then it’s great otherwise try another given method .

Method 3:

You also can solve an error “Err Network Changed”  by clearing the browser data. Or you have to re-Install your Chrome browser. Follow the instruction below to clear browser data.
  • For clearing cookies in your Chrome Browser just go to “Setting” in Google Chrome Browser.
  • Now go down and Click on “Advance“.
  • After opening Advance Setting just go in the Privacy section. And Click on Content Setting.
  • After that a new window will appear there just check the box there you have to Click on Cookies option.
  • Now you have to Click on “Cookies and site data“. Then simply Click on “Remove all” and Done.
  • If you want to clear Data from Mozilla Firefox then simply Click on History from the menu and clear all history. If you want to clear cookies just click on detail and check cookies and Click on clear.

 Method 4:

If all above methods doesn’t work then you have to restart your modem or router to fix the error “Err Network Changed”. For doing this procedure check instruction below.
  • Simply Press the Power button of your modem or router.
  • Turn it Off and wait for few minute.
  • After sometime Press the Power button and Turn it On.
  • We hope so your Chrome browser start working.

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