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FIX pair and pair Stream Authorization pai

Kodi is one of the best platform to watch movies and TV shows. There are various Kodi Addons available in the market which help us to watch movies and TV Shows in an easy way and free of cost. But whenever you want to watch Movies or TV shows, you get the notification “To play video, authorization is required”. So you can’t play video until you authorized the device on given link https// And this error show on that time when you click on the movie for play. So for watching any movie or TV show you always visit that website and first and pair your device for stream authorization. Fix pair today. Download Install Icefilms Kodi Addon

fix pair

This is really such a big issue for all kodi users and you all really think about it that how you can pair your device from these website. But don’t need to worry about this error, it’s very easy to solve. Today in our article we will guide you to solve the pair or pair stream authorization error. First let us give you few questions, answer which helps you to understand about this error. What are these pair stream authorization websites? What are the reasons of these websites? Is these websites are safe to use or not? What is the alternative of these websites?

What are Pair and pair stream authorization? and are working as a host. You can watch movies and everything on Kodi after pairing your devices through these websites. And when you pair your devices with these websites you can watch non-stop videos, shows and much more on Kodi. These both websites use fast speed servers and due to heavy traffic from kodi and other sources these servers get crash for sometimes. That’s why these websites set the limit on server like 4 to 5 hours. So if you want to watch Movie,TV shows on kodi then you must have pair your IP address first then you can watch whatever you want. Download and Install SuperRepo on Kodi

What are the reason of and error on Kodi?

There are several reasons of pairing device on these websites before watching videos on Kodi. First reason of visiting these websites can be about montization. Like you will be asked to visit website where various ads shown. So all those ads pay them for maintain their service. So if they maintain their server they will give users and Kodi fast and relaibel service for movie hoster. The other reason of these website can be prevent any unauthorized user such as bot accessing their server. Then they can easily limit the service for human. After pairing your device IP address you will get best experience on kodi . Like you can watch video free from buffering. USTVNow Kodi Addon – Download And Install

Is and safe and secure to use? and is safe to use but as we all use kodi for streaming videos, and watch copyright things. Which If you pair your device on these websites you can watch videos and TV shows without any interruption. Because without pairing on these website you can’t watch anything on Kodi. So it cannot harm your device. You can pair your device without any tension. These website are safe and secure to use. Because we also tried and find it safe. Genvideos Kodi Addon Download And Install

What is the alternative of and  on Kodi?

If you don’t want to pair your device on and websites then you must use VPN on Kodi. Because watching piracy content is an illegal thing and it also may block your IP by your ISP. And many Kodi Addons are geo-restricted which can’t be access in many countries. So if  you want to use all restricted Addons and want to watch Movies, TV shows and other PPV Videos then you must have VPN on your device. Because VPN can unblock all restricted content and help you to watch anything on the kodi. You can use IPVanish on your device which is best VPN ever and its also give you 46% discount as well.

How to Fix and authorization error on Kodi?

When you open and want to watch any movie on Kodi Exodus many time you see the error with this URL:

Without authorization to this site you can’t watch movie.

Open the link by clicking here

Now you see the page below i mentioned. pair

Now click on Activate Streaming button, you can see on above pic.

It shows your IP address and give you authorization.




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