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No Need to Call out Google Assistant as “Hey” or “OK”

Google Assistant to Work without calling Name

Remember the time you had to say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” to start using your Google Assistant? Well, that soon shall pass.

Google assistant is a virtual assistant that comes pre-installed with Android Smartphones. You can speak out “Ok Google” and the VA will respond to your voice command and do certain task you speak out. You can use it to open apps installed on your phone. Google Assistant also allows you to make a phone call to contacts saved on your mobile. This comes handy at times but having to call out Hey or Ok everytime you give a voice command is not very nice.

Google Assistant to Work without calling Name

This calling out Google assistant is now no longer needed. Just speak out when you want to give a command task. As promised at I/O, Google has made Assistant’s Continued Conversation available for US English speakers using a Home speaker. You can simply enable it in your preferences(settings). So next time, you don’t have to say “hey Google” or “OK Google” for follow-ups, even if you have multiple requests.

Have you used the Google Assistant?

You can try by asking if it will be raining tomorrow. Then you can both remind yourself to take an umbrella to shopping list, or to go out for other works.

To do this, you will have to leave your Google Assistant active for upto about eight seconds to wait for its speech recognition. Note that it will remain active as long as it believes that you’re talking, keeping the LEDs lit on your Home speaker while listening to your voice.

This feature, however, doesn’t include Google’s vaunted multiple actions (where you can perform multiple commands at once). There’s also no news on when other languages will work with Continued Conversation. All in all, it’s an important step toward making Assistant feel more real and human-like. This will be welcoming to users who might not prefer the robotic language they’ve had to use with Google Assistant in the past. Any closer to real human like feature will only add to its popularity and usage.

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