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How to Enter and Use Safe Mode on LG G4

Safe Mode on LG G4

Safe mode on LG G4 is an analytical mode on the LG G4 Android OS. Safe mode on LG G4 can help you fix most of the android problem you’re facing. LG G4 is a big gun, a flagship device from a well renowned tech giant LG LIFE’S GOOD. This mobile from the LG G series is an absolute beast. All the android mobile phone have issues after using them for some time. Your android device will run slow or it will be heated up. Different malware attack the operations of your smart phone to hinder its activities. You can follow this article to get rid to all of them. You will experience your LG G4 all new with no issues at all.

Every android phone have a safe mode. Safe Mode on Android phones is included by none other than the GOOGLE which gives the user to fix the bugs and lags by himself. Similarly, Safe Mode on LG G4 can be reached quickly. You will be able to kill all the viruses on your mobile and learn how you can access LG G4 Safe Mode. See also How to Install Android Nougat on LG G4.

Safe Mode on LG G4

Most of the time, the issues you face on android devices are solved by doing a complete hard reset. But if the hard reset doesn’t work on LG G4, the safe mode on LG G4 will because this is the solution to all of your android problem.
So starting from the beginning, if you want to get to Safe Mode on LG G4, the steps mentioned below will guide you completely. Even if the safe mode is not going to work, that is the least probability, then you have to update your android device with official android OS. This is the last solution to anti-malware functioning.

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This is really important for all the readers. If you are intended on going to Safe mode on LG G4, you should take your time and create a valid back up of all the data stored in the smart phone whether its games, images, music, contact or it is your personal data. Everything will be erased, so take a computer and store the internal data on it. The last important thing before entering the Safe Mode on LG G4 or any android. Do check the battery percentage. Charge your mobile phone up to 60% or above in case of avoiding the problems. This is mandatory for you because if the mobile phone is going to be dead during the process. It is going to be a big trouble.
After doing all the steps mentioned above. You are ready to enter Safe mode on LG G4. Let’s do it.

How to enter Safe Mode on LG G4

Access to SAFE MODE on LG G4:

  • Turn off your LG G4 completely. Don’t do anything else before the mobile phone is completely blackout. You can shutdown simply or by holding the power key between the volume keys for seconds.
  • After it, press and hold the power and volume down buttons. Don’t release both of these keys until the LG
  • LOGO is displayed on the face of screen. The home screen will be displayed.
  • The LG G4 is running, press and hold the power button on the mobile’s backside. The options will be displayed on the screen.
  • Now, hold the Power button and select OK when driven.
  • Now you can see the Safe Mode on LG G4. The option will be on the left corner of the screen.

Using SAFE MODE on LG G4 to remove uncaring apps:

  • You are in the safe mode now, go to menu and then go to settings.
  • Go down and click on system settings > tab > apps.
  • Now select the tab and after it, select the application you want to remove.
  • After selecting, click on OK and then wait for the android system to remove this app.
  • Now, as you have removed the desired application. Restart the LG G4 from safe mode.

Now, after restarting the device, you will experience the smooth touching and usage on android after Safe mode boot on LG G4. Your android device is free from unresponsive applications with malware function. Cheers.

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