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How To Get A Free Domain Name The Legit Way

free domain name

Free domain name – How and where to get it

If you are wondering where to get a free domain name and looking all over the internet for one that is totally and genuinely 100% free, you’ve come to the right place to seek the information.

free domain name

I have been looking many places that says “free domain name” or “get a free domain name” and all sorts of free domain when I started out my journey of Blogging since late 2010. I did not have money or at least I wanted one for free as I was just starting out and with no prior knowledge, wanted to dip my hands for the first time in the web world.

I got tired of using sub domains like etc., like you probably. So I am going to tell you where and how exactly to get your free domain name.

So where exactly can you get free domain names?

Have you heard of the name NamePros? That’s where you can actually get a free domain name.

  • Head to NamePros and sign up (it’s free!).
  • On the home page after logging in, you will find a forum named “Free Domain Names”.
  • There! That’s where you will find a free domain name.
  • Whenever you see a free domain giveaway, post “claim” or whatever be the case, as per the OP’s instructions

Many supportive members give away free domain names in the forum and you could be one lucky fellow to get one or maybe even more if you are active there. The catch? Yes, most domain names will have few days to a month or two remaining for renewal. But that’s enough to put up a website or blog and the decision to renew eventually be upto you since you will be now having a domain name for free.

Why your own domain name?

It’s much better than a sub domain like, isn’t it? A main domain looks cleaner, shorter and more professional so people find it easy to remember your website (and brand).

Although domains aren’t costly (with some exceptions obviously), they have registration and yearly renewal charges. So if you don’t want to shell out right away for your domain name, NamePros is where you can get for free. You may not get right away by registering and browsing. You need to be active and just click the “watch forum” tab on the top right to be notified of any new postings or free domain giveaways. In all cases you have to be the first to claim the domain giveaways.

I hope you find this post useful. If you ever get a free domain by following the above process, do let us know in the comments. We would love to hear your first success story getting a free domain. Cheers…!

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