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How to Remove VBS:Malware-gen Complete Guide


VBS:Malware-gen is a kind of virus which can be appeared in computer anytime. It is a software programs which can be very harmless for your computer. VBS:Malware-gen can corrupt your file or delete your folder without your knowledge. It also can slow down your computer. This malware also may send your personal information to rogue servers. Also many other symptoms of this virus can be show in your computer like you can see in your window blue screen error or new files can be create automatically. This malware also can send spam messages from your email account. You also may get an error messages on your screen. See also: Remove Write Protection SD Card.

 VBS:Malware-gen comes onto your computer in different ways. Such as this virus comes to your computer through corrupted websites and also due to downloading corrupted media. Or due to corrupted email attachments. It may also comes onto your computer because of fake updates that always trick you to install them. You also can get this malware from torrent sites, file sharing networks or IRC channels as well. SO we can say in clear words that VBS:Malware-gen is such a harmless virus for computer and windows. So you don’t need to worry about it. Because here we will guide you how you can remove this harmful virus from your computer.

How to remove VBS:Malware-gen?

For removing this virus from your computer follow the instruction below:
  • Simply Press Ctrl+Shift+Escape to open the Task Manager.


  • While your Task Manager is opened, you will see the option “Processes” on the front. Just Click on “Processes” .
  • Now you will see two option on the end of the Task Manager “Show Processes From All Users” and “End Process“.


  • First you have to Click on “Show Process From All Users“.
  • Then simply Click on “End Process” and close Task Manager.


  • After doing this procedure you may lose any unsaved data, or it may unstable your system.

Follow the Instruction Below for deleting Registry Entries:

  • For opening Registry Editor simply Click on the “Start” menu and type in the search bar “Regedit” and it will open.


  • Now Just Right-click on “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/Software/VBS:Malware-gen” and select “Delete


  • After doing this procedure,this malware will be delete from Registry Editor.
  • If you want to delete VBS:Malware-gen files from your computer then simply Click on the “Start” menu and type in the search bar VBS:Malware-gen.
  • Just delete all files that appears in the list.

Now your computer will be clean after removing all malware files. If you want to save your computer from VBS:Malware-gen or other viruses then try to avoid install corrupted files and media. We hope all these instruction will be really helpful for you.

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