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How To Take Screenshot on iPhone x without Home Button

How To Take Screenshot on iPhone x

How to take Screenshot on iPhone x  is the question every body asking who purchased new apple gadget or going to get it. take a screenshot from phone is lovely activity for sharing moments with your friends on chat, make some troll on Facebook or save your memory with loved one. Most important the bugs your find in your system, steal chat from Facebook or save any tweet in you image gallery, screenshot is always important.

As you addicted to other devices that support home and power button to press for get a screenshot on your screen. But in iPhone X home button is mysteriously gone. Apple made more space in new iPhone x shape. And it’s cost reduce some objects on screen. Since every body used too with home page button to get back on screen in one tap, but Apple think it smartly. We will get these updates improvement results in next few days by user. For Now there is no homepage button so question is how to take screenshot on iPhone X without home button. Don’t worry let’s move to the new method for iPhone x. See also Jailbreak Roku.

How To Take Screenshot On iPhone X:How To Take Screenshot on iPhone x

As previous iPhone versions its easy to take a screenshot by pressing home+power button at same time. Your iPhone screen shutter and you got your image has been save in your define memory. So now Apple race with Samsung to get unique design and shape force it to make some thing new. By this improvement you need to update you old method to new methods for using iPhone. Let’s move to the method:

  • At very first you need to open the screen that you want to capture by screenshot in iPhone X
  • Now press the slide button and hold it for while. You can locate it right upper side of you new iPhone.
  • Now as you did on previous phones, press Volume up button while holding slide button.
  • Do you hear camera shutter in iPhone X, find your screenshot.



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