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Install Free Cloudflare flexible SSL Certificate for WordPress Blog

So you’ve been planning to move your WordPress site from HTTP to HTTPS for quite some time now. You need a free SSL and heard about Cloudflare as well. Here we will guide you on how to install free Cloudflare flexible SSL Certificate on your WordPress Blog. It has nowadays become necessary for bloggers to secure their sites using SSL Encryption. For this, Cloudflare offers flexible & free SSL Certificate for small websites which is very easy to set up indeed. HTTPS helps in encrypting all transmitted data and thus protect it from getting hacked by any external host or network. So let’s get on to our job, How to install free Cloudflare Flexible SSL Certificate for WordPress Blog.

Why do you need an HTTPS on your blog?

Simply put, because Google is counting HTTPS as a Search Engine Ranking Factor. It means that if you are using HTTPS on your WordPress blog, then your website will be considered safe to use (by Google), and thus it will increase your chances of ranking high in search results. This wasn’t the case before. But things have changed.

In the past, SSL certificates were unnecessary for bloggers and only added to the cost. But now it has become necessary and also feasible due to free services like Cloudflare. If you want to spend some bucks in order to make your website more secure and safe, you can try out other authorized SSL Certificate providers (even your hosting provider will have) at reasonable prices. But it’s free to use Cloudflare’s flexible SSL Certificate on your WordPress site or blog. Just a little modifications to your WordPress site settings which are very simple.

How to Install Cloudflare Flexible SSL Certificate for WordPress?

Sign up at and add your site. Be sure to select their free plan as that’s sufficient. You don’t need to pay a dime.

Update your Domain Nameservers to the ones provided by cloudflare. Now go to Crypto section and in the SSL, select Flexible as shown below:

Install Free Cloudflare Flexible SSL

Preparing Your WordPress Blog for Free Cloudflare Flexible SSL Certificate

Do NOT change your site address from HTTP to HTTPS at this time. It will show errors and you will mess everything up!

In order to activate HTTPS on your WordPress site, Cloudflare requires the installation of two plugins. Without these plugins, the Cloudflare flexible SSL Certificate won’t work on your WordPress site.

Free Cloudflare Flexible SSL WordPress Plugin

Cloudflare Flexible SSL Plugin

Install and activate this plugin. Nothing else is needed. Download Cloudflare Flexible SSL WordPress Plugin.


Install WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin

WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin is probably the best SSL plugin for WordPress Blogs. Not only Cloudflare, but any SSL certificate can easily be installed on your WordPress site using this plugin. You can find details about the plugin installation here. It basically force WordPress to use HTTPS on all the links and pages of your website.

Download this plugin

  1. Install the plugin from WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add new.
  2. Go to HTTPS from your WordPress main menu.
  3. In HTTPS settings, please select the “Yes” option for proxy settings and leave the other options as it is.
  4. After that just hit the “Save Changes” button.  For more information, refer to the screenshot given below.

WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin

Preparing Cloudflare to address HTTPS on all the web pages.

You’re just one step away from adding Cloudflare flexible SSL on your WordPress site. Login into your Cloudflare account and go to Page rules from the menu bars.

cloudflare menu

  1. From the Page Rules, Click on “Create Page Rule”.
  2. Enter your Site URL as a Page rule between two *–* asterisks. For example, http://**. If your site address doesn’t have a “www”, then enter without “www”.
  3. Add settings, turn on “Always use HTTPS”.
  4. Now save the Page Rule by clicking on “Save and Deploy” button.

Updating your WordPress Site Address (URL) from HTTP to HTTPS

This is the final step where you have to change your WordPress Site Address (URL) to start using HTTPS on your site.

  1. Go to your WordPress General Settings.
  2. Now you have to change your Site address from “http://” to “https://” to start using Cloudflare flexible SSL in WordPress. Please do NOT  change the WordPress Address (URL) and leave it as “http://”. See the image below for reference.

Click Save Changes. That’s it. Now try accessing your WordPress Blog after clearing cookies and caches on your browser!

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