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Kodi Pairing For Server Fix Server Fix Server Fix : Kodi Pairing

If you’re one of those looking for Server Fix online, you’ve come to the right place. We intend to help you solve your Server Fix with this blog post. You must have often asked yourself how to solve Kodi pairing stream authorization for Server. Here are few simple steps to just get rid of that annoying error message. Server fix

We all know that the message above frequently pops up whenever one is trying to watch movies from the server on Kodi. “To play this video, authorization is required. Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: then “Activate Streaming”. So how do you get this Server Fix?

Why is stream authorization required?

Pairing here is a process to register your device’s IP address to system before using their services. It must be noted that this pairing is totally safe, and all does white-list your IP address.

How to Solve on Kodi?

In order to get rid of the annoying pop up error message, all you need to is just pair your device’s IP address with service. To do it, check out the steps below. It’s really simple.

1 ) Visit on your web browser.

2 ) Tick the captcha challenge “I’m not a robot”. Then just click on the Active Streaming button.

3 ) Now your device IP has been paired. Head back to your Kodi and then select server as the movie source, and you will no longer see the pop up message. Ta-da!

Remember that this fix will last 4 hours. The pop up message will re-appear in 4 hours. Just repeat the above steps again.

Alternate Way To Fix Pairing Error On Kodi

There’s also and alternative method to Server Fix. You can do so without any pairing service.

This method actually works only for several Kodi video add-ons such as the Exodus, Covenant and Elysium (and now many other add-ons). These add-ons also have an additional feature which require captcha to access their server.( server will also be removed from your movie source list).

1 ) Home page> Add-ons then right click on Exodus then just select settings (tap and hold if you are on phone)

2 ) Select playback then just turn off Hoster with Captcha

3 ) You will only see the movie sources (Hoster) which requires no pairing. This means bye bye to the annoying pop-ups message which is asking you to pair.

Try the fixes as above and let us know in the comments which one works best for you. Enjoy!

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