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Latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update Build 17686

Latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update

Microsoft has released Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17686 in the first week of June 2018. If you’ve missed out, here are the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update news. The build comes with some new features, which are mostly minor, including improvements to Local Experience Packs, Privacy Settings and Windows Mixed Reality.

Latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update

The main feature of the Latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update, the build 17686 are fixes:

  • Issue resulting in frequent bug checks on the previous build with error “CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED”.
  • Go to Settings > Gaming > Game DVR and you will find the name has been changed to “Captures”.
  • Issue where Paint and WordPad settings and recent files weren’t migrated during upgrades.
  • Also, the File Explorer will look a lot more complete in dark theme.
  • Issue resulting in the “Replace or skip files” dialog having some unexpected dark elements in recent flights.
  • And there’s an issue where the Japanese IME’s big mode indicator would appear in the center of the screen when bringing up UAC even when you disable the mode indicator in Settings.
  • Issue where the taskbar items (network, volume, etc) didn’t have a shadow.
  • Where clicking on the plus button in the Clock and Calendar flyout from the taskbar did nothing in recent flights.
  • Issue resulting in Command Prompt’s cursor appearing invisible in the last few flights.
  • Problems with high number of reliability issues when switching to the Microsoft Pinyin IME in recent flights.
  • Issue where the Emoji Panel might not dismiss if you clicked somewhere else on the screen.

All the above are fixes which are brought about by the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update.

Some of these are worth noting, like the more complete dark theme in File Explorer. Here are the general known issues:

  • Working on adding dark theme in File Explorer and the Common File Dialog, but there are still some things to do. You may see some unexpectedly light colors in these surfaces when in dark mode.
  • Once you update, Mixed Reality Portal will reinstall the Mixed Reality Software and environment settings will not be preserved. In case you need your Mixed Reality home experience to remain the same, you may wait till this issue is fixed as well.
  • Some users may find higher reliability and performance issues when launching Start on this build. It’s not yet known though.
  • Fonts downloaded from Microsoft Store may not work in some apps.
  • There seems to be a bug in this build (and in Build 17682) with respect to driver testing scenarios. When executing HLK Component/Device driver tests, you may experience a bug check that blocks test execution. This issue is being fixed.
  • If you install any of the recent builds from the Fast ring and switch to the Slow ring – optional content like enabling developer mode will not succeed. You will have to remain in the Fast ring to add/install/enable optional content. This is because optional content will only install on builds approved for specific rings. No RS5 build release is available yet to the Slow ring.

There’s another list of known issues with Sets and Office:

Sets UX for Office Win32 desktop apps is not final. The experience will get better over time based on feedback. The top of some Win32 desktop app windows may appear slightly underneath the tab bar when created maximized. To work around the issue, restore and re-maximize the window.

Closing one tab may sometimes minimize the entire set. Oops! Tiling and cascading windows, including features like “View Side by Side” in Word, will not work for inactive tabs. The Office Visual Basic Editor window will currently be tabbed but is not intended to be in the future.

Opening an Office document while the same app has an existing document open may cause an unintended switch to the last active document. This will also happen when closing a sheet in Excel while other sheets remain open. Local files or non-Microsoft cloud files will not be automatically restored, and no error message will be provided to alert the user to that fact.

Read thoroughly these known issues before you decide to go for this new build. And if you’re on the Fast ring, you can get the latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update build here. Go to Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates. Alternatively, you can go to the Windows Insider Program tab to sign up.

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