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Unfortunately The Setting Has Stopped – Error On Android

Unfortunately, Settings has stopped Error on Android

Bugs found on the devices are the worst things. Different kinds of viruses are injected in the android through bugs-full websites and random unauthorized applications. There are many errors which users face every day on their smart phones. Once you have encountered the errors. You are going to be really messed up by the things which you don’t know about com android settings.

Here tech blog which can help you when you encounter the error saying “Unfortunately the setting on your device has stopped On Android”. This unfortunately word should be changed into defenselessly or tactlessly because most people are not aware with the fact that permissions from random apps can kill the immunity of your mobile and the smart phone is overhauled by a lots of viruses at once.

Method NO 1 For Unfortunately The Setting Has Stopped Error On Android:

Unfortunately, Settings has stopped Error on Android

On your Android smartphone, you should take following steps whenever you see Setting has Stopped error.

  • Go to the main settings menu on the phone and tap on the MORE button.
  • Now go to the apps list and go to all apps by swiping left.
  • This list is of the all installed apps on the android smart phone of yours. Now, Search for touch settings and open it.
  • The main work over here is to clear cache and data. After doing the following, go back to the home screen.
  • Restart the mobile phone and all done the error is gone.

Method NO 2 For Unfortunately The Setting Has Stopped Error On Android:

  • Turn off your smartphone.
  • After turning off, press and hold firmly the home, power and volume up keys all together.
  • Leave the power button after the logo appeared on the screen but do not lose the volume up and home keys.
  • After the android logo appears, leave both the keys.
  • Here you cannot touch, just use the volume keys to find the path and go to wipe cache partition.
  • Here use the power key for selection. Select Yes and it will go to next menu.
  • Wait for the processing to be completed, select the REBOOT option there with the help of power button and the mobile will restart with zero error.

All your setting has stopped error will be fixed and your phone will work in normal routine.

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