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WhatsApp Location Sharing Accurate Upto 10metres

WhatsApp Location Sharing

WhatsApp Location Sharing is one of the app’s most useful features, apart from it’s primary instant messaging, calls and other file sharing (image, mp3 audio, videos, documents). In fact, sometimes it comes even more handy instead of the address such as plot number, or locality or any other form of recorded addresses of a person.

WhatsApp Location Sharing – How to share your location with friends?

WhatsApp Location Sharing

WhatsApp Location Sharing

In order to share your location with friends who are coming to meet you at your new home, or your temporary location, here’s what to do.

First of all, you will need to turn on the location from your Smartphone. Once done, open WhatsApp and in the message box, click the attachment icon (you must be well familiar with an attachment icon maybe from your gmail compose mail). There you will find an option”Location”. Tap the icon and wait for a few seconds. This part is really important because initially, the location is not very accurate and maybe as far from your exact location as a thousand kilometres to hundreds of metres. Once you wait for a couple of seconds, you will notice that the location is getting more and more accurate. The highest accuracy as far as I have found out after multiple trials is 10metres (See pic above).

Now click the location which is 10m accurate and tada! You just shared your current location which is accurate upto 10metres. This feature comes very convenient because it helps your friends to exactly pinpoint your current address or location at the time of sharing. Most people made the mistake in sharing WhatsApp Location because they do not wait those few seconds and the location was not accurate enough.

All android based Smartphones and iPhones support WhatsApp Location Sharing and as almost every smartphone user has WhatsApp installed on his phone, this feature is worth a try. We hope you find this small piece of information helpful. If you do, share with your friends today!

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