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XCloud coming up for the next-gen Xbox from Microsoft

Andy Makarevych

Here’s some good news for those hardcore gamers out there. It’s not just rumored now that Microsoft is currently working on the next-generation Xbox. And the console is expected to be launched by 2020. We, of course, expect a considerable upgrade from the current Xbox One console. With that, the company will lay eyes on game streaming for the future of Xbox consoles. reports that Microsoft is also working on a second Xbox console that will be limited to streaming games.

These streaming-only consoles are reported to include a low amount of local computing to handle tasks such as controller input, image processing, and collision detection. These basic tasks are required in order to reduce latency in game streaming, and Microsoft is said to plan to split up processing between the locally running game and the cloud. This will reduce input lag and other image processing delays.

The Software giant developers are currently working on the next-generation Xbox console under the codename Scarlett. The company lately mentioned that it’s also working on a game streaming service for Xbox that will work across any device. This is a key part of Microsoft’s future plans with Xbox, and part of the company’s vision for developing its “Netflix for video games” service, Xbox Game Pass. Here’s where the XCloud comes into the picture.

Codenamed “XCloud” internally, Microsoft has been experimenting with combining four lots of custom Xbox consoles into a single server blade for its data centers. Developers will, in future, build and develop games in the cloud instead of local debug machines, and then to stream games to consumers. This is what we know about the programme so far.

In the recent quarter, Microsoft’s gaming revenue has increased 39 percent. This is mainly contributed by the software and services revenue that saw a 36 percent growth. Microsoft has, however, fallen behind Sony in the current generation of console sales(XBox vs PlayStations). This is a great opportunity for the company to stay ahead of the game by creating a cross-device service for cloud streaming games. It may not be an easy win. There are a number of game streaming services available to users at the moment, including GeForce Now, PlayStation Now, Shadow, and Liquid Sky.

Close competitor Sony also developed similar custom PlayStation hardware for its own PlayStation Now service. This allows users to stream PS2, PS3, and PS4 titles to PCs or PlayStation 4 consoles. Microsoft is planning to let a variety of devices, including mobile phones, access its own service once it’s available. Microsoft is putting significant effort in its cloud streaming service as the company works towards growing its gaming business through subscription models rather than just margins from console hardware and software sales.

So for the lot of you who are into gaming, cloud gaming is soon to be seen in the very near future and time will only tell who provides a better service. In the end, competition is healthy for the industry and gamers will eventually benefit from it.

Andy Makarevych

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